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David Skyrme Associates offers a variety of seminars and workshops that can be tailored to meet your needs. There are existing packaged workshops covering knowledge management and commercialization, Internet/intranet strategies and ecommerce, and marketing.

This page indicates the modules from which a workshop on these or related topics can be customized to your requirements. The modules are continually updated and revised, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific requirement.

Business and Strategy

  • Environment and Challenges
  • Megatrends
  • Future of Organizations
  • Management Shifts

Knowledge, Knowledge Management, Innovation

  • Momentum - context, drivers, why*
  • Key Concepts - nature of knowledge
  • KM Framework - enablers, levers, foundations
  • Innovation Systems - 5th generation R∓D*
  • Knowledge Innovation® Assessment (enablers)*
  • Levers - measurement, processes, people, information, structures
  • Foundations - IT infrastructure, HR infrastructure
  • Tools and Techniques - various e.g. IRM, AAR, knowledge centres, taxonomies etc.
  • Knowledge Cycles - innovation and sharing
  • KM State of Practice - case studies
  • KM and SMEs - small business relevance
  • Communities of Knowledge Practice*
  • Innovating with the CustomerSM*

IT Support for Knowledge and Learning

  • IT Infrastructure - 4 levels
  • Frameworks for Thinking and Action
  • Knowledge/Information Access/Exchange Models
  • Specific Tools e.g. text summarizing, portals, content management, knowledge-based systems etc.

Internet, Intranet and the Information Society

  • Information Society - what it is, government programmes
  • Evolution - IT, Internet, intranet, extranet, portals
  • Internet Applications and Business Models
  • Internet for Specific Businesses e.g. consultancies, local government

Networking - People and Technology

  • IT/Human and Organization Factors (HOF)
  • Networks and Networking
  • Groupware - models, management
  • Virtual Teaming - principles and practice
  • Flexible Work Practices/Telework: several modules

* These modules (asterisked) are delivered in association with ENTOVATION International.
SMKnowledge Innovation and Innovating with Your Customer are service marks of ENTOVATION International.

For a discussion of your requirements and for pricing details, please email us at david@skyrme.com or telephone us at +44 (0) 1635 25 35 45.

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