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This one-day workshop is based around a set of proven marketing principles, appropriately modified and adapted to take account of the special characteristics of the Internet. Participants discuss the application of these principles in their own organizations. Illustrative cases are used as examples of good and not so good practice.

This is a public course run in London by Aslib (The Association for Information Management), with emphasis on marketing information products and services. It will run in 2002 on 30 May. Register via the Aslib course description, or see Further Details below for other options.

Why and Who

The Internet reaches some 300 million world-wide, each a potential customer. But how can you compete for their attention in a cyberspace that's overwhelmed with a high volume of information, some good, but much mediocre - or worse? This workshop draws on the lessons of those who have succeeded, and those who have not. It is based around a set of proven principles and provides many practical examples of those who market via the Internet. It offers a practical approach for those who are planning to market products or services via the Internet, and includes a hands-on session to review and validate the principles learnt.


On completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the distinctive characteristics of the Internet as a marketplace
  • Appreciate the different types of user and how to address their needs
  • Recognize the differences between a good and bad Internet presence
  • Analyze the ways in which to maximize customer engagement
  • Formulate an approach to Internet marketing based on appropriate models
  • Develop a marketing plan based on the 10Ps of on-line marketing
  • Recognize the essential elements that underpin success
  • Prepare an integrated plan that achieves maximum pay-back

See also the list of wider benefits you can expect from attending this workshop.


The Internet - a global marketplace?
Evolution and current state
The Internet marketplace - what's different
The geography of the Internet
Internet users - profiles and expectations

Internet marketing - multiple models
Exploiting time and space
User modes - push, pull, interaction, communities
Transaction and referral models
Business models

Marketing - the essentials
Customer knowledge
Clarifying your niche and capabilities
Exploiting time and space
What makes a good Internet presence
Technologies - and capabilities
Making a business case

The 10Ps of Internet marketing
Positioning - your strategic aim
Packaging - products and wrappers
Portals - your place on-line
Pathways - to your website
Page impression(s) - who sees what
Personalization - customizing your offer
Progression - the on-line sales cycle
Payments - pricing and paying online
Processes - where shop-front meets back-office
Performance - on-line and off-line
Practical examples - the good, the bad and the ugly

Planning and Practicalities
Overall project planning
Website design
Information architecture and mapping
Technology plan
Organizational plan
Avoiding the pitfalls
Sustaining the Momentum

Further Information

This workshop is a public course of Aslib (The Association of Information Professionals). Although primarily aimed at information professionals most of the lessons are generic. The course can be customized and adapted for in-house use, either at Aslib's premises in London or on-site. To discuss your specific requirements in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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