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Compared to when we started developing websites in 1994, today there is no shortage of specialist website developers and development tools. This service is therefore offered as an adjunct to one of related services where the client wishes to have a single point of contact and responsibility. Our emphasis is on making your website - and your wider Internet presence - work for you. Our expertise is in developing viable web strategies, an overall site architecture, structuring content, and advising on functionality and technology options.

What We Do

We work from your Internet Strategy, and work through a ten phase methodology to develop a coherent and workable plan. The elements we work through in planning and implementation include:

  • Website objectives - overall business model and the site relates to your wider Internet presence
  • User analysis - what users want to achieve; what 'views' they seek
  • Overall architecture - with emphasis on content, structure, ownership, roles and responsibilities
  • Look and feel - developing the concept, principles and page templates
  • Technological infrastructure - domains, ISPs, and development tools
  • Development of standards - for page development, content, testing etc.
  • Page development - mark-up, integration with other systems, technical (link) testing etc.
  • Developing 'hooks' - user engagement, marketing and reciprocal links
  • Validation and coherence - overall site verification prior to launch
  • Sustenance plan - keeping the site fresh and relevant.

We work with you to develop a master plan and then clarify roles and responsibilities for the various activities. These may be carried out by your own staff or suppliers, or we have available freelance designers and technical specialists and approved subcontractors.


Depending on the scope of our role, we would typically deliver:

  • A working website
  • An overall plan
  • An integrated architecture description
  • An agreed set of standards
  • Web page templates
  • Agreements/contracts with suppliers e.g. ISPs, domain registration

In developing these outputs, we work closely with your existing staff and key suppliers, such as marketing staff, MIS, hardware/software providers, ISPs etc.

Further Information

To discuss your requirement in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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