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David Skyrme Associates offers a variety of presentations and workshops that can be tailored to meet your needs. This page describes an example of a workshop focussed on the use the Internet as a strategic marketing and business tool.

Why and Who

The impact of the Internet on organizations is profound. The growth of Internet use and the success of new ecommerce businesses means that no organization can fail to ignore the implications of these developments. Unfortunately many organization, eager to jump onto the rolling bandwagon, abrogate many of the strategic business decisions to their web development teams or outside agencies. This workshop provides the essential knowledge to make your Internet and intranet add value to and closely integrate with your business. It is aimed at senior managers, Internet and intranet project managers, marketing managers, knowledge professionals, business development managers and any others who are concerned about maximizing the potential of the Internet for strategic advantage.


On completing this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify the different ways of using the Internet and intranet to enhance organizational performance
  • Understand the difference between the different modes of iInternet use, including 'push' and 'pull'
  • Analyze your own situation, including the opportunities and threats
  • Develop Internet strategies to support business needs and create new opportunities
  • Evaluate your needs in terms of external products and services and internal capabilities
  • Take account of success factors and the pitfalls to avoid

See also the list of wider benefits you can expect from attending this workshop.


There is no shortage of public seminars and workshops on the Internet and intranets. Generally these are of two types - 1) the seminar where delegates are exposed to a variety of speakers describing their experiences and 2) the hands-on 'how to get connected' technicalities. While each has their place, the workshop we have developed is aimed at helping you with those aspects more central to effective Internet strategies by focusing on:

  • Strategy - Why do we want an Internet? How does it contribute to our business objectives?
  • Marketing - How does the Internet help marketing?
  • Operations - What other business opportunities can the Internet give us?
  • Practicalities - What are the characteristics of a good web site? What standards should we use? Who should be involved in implementation? How do we select suppliers?
  • Specific Needs - What is relevant to our situation? What about ongoing resourcing?

This workshops allow participants to apply the concepts learnt to their own organizational situation, through a carefully designed set of learning cycles, each consisting of three parts:

  • Concepts - presentation of key theory and frameworks
  • Practice - small group exercises addressing key questions and choices
  • Review and questions - plenary session to draw out and share key learnings, and to address areas that need further clarification.


Internet, Intranets and Extranets
Evolution - Four phases of the Internet
Five Models of Interaction
Benefits - Sources of Value
Cases of Success and Failure
Our Internet Status and Potential (exercise)

Strategy Assessment
Business Objectives
Alignment of Options - Choices
Maturity Curves - Ascertaining position on IT, Internet, information and knowledge curves
Levels of Exploitation - from cost saving to creating new businesses
Levers of Success

The Publishing Model
Five ways to find information
Aligning to user needs
Finding intermediate connections
Developing cost-effective strategies

The Community Model
Relationship Marketing
Internet tools that help
Network building

Transaction Models
Web-enabled applications
Payment methods
The sales/fulfilment cycle
Whose handling the transaction?
Which Models Where? (exercise)

Effective Web-Sites
Key Ingredients
The information architecture
Views and Lenses
Ownership and Updating
Value Enhancers
The Bottom Line (exercise)

Marketing and Business Models
What's the same? What changes?
The 8Ps of Internet Marketing
Push vs. Pull
Making the Case (exercise)

Effective Implementation Strategies
Technical factors - standards
Content management - authority and release processes
Organizational alignment - business processes, resourcing
Engaging the customer
The good, the bad and the ugly - lessons from the leaders and laggards

Action Planning
Review of needs and priorities
Current assessment - from earlier exercises
Options for progress
Criteria for selection
Next steps planning (review and exercise)

Further Information

This workshop is customized for each client and is developed from our evolving set of structured modules. It is often a good introduction to our style of Internet / Intranet Strategy Consulting. It is available in two main formats:

  • Half day executive seminar - with opportunity for group discussion on winning strategies
  • Full day workshop - with hands-on experience.

To discuss your specific requirements in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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