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Generally we are now offering our reports in PDF format only. Some older reports are still available in hard-copy.

Public Sector - Public Knowledge

This report reviews the state of KM in government agencies and its contribution to the challenges they face. Insights from a survey and 35 case studies.

  • Public Sector - Public Knowledge, David J Skyrme, Ark Group/David Skyrme Associates (December 2003). pp.136 plus index. PDF only.

Description, Table of Contents and How To Order.

Measuring Knowledge and Intellectual Capital

Following the success of Measuring the Value of Knowledge published in 1998, this fully updated and more comprehensive report has many improvements. For the first time, this report brings all major developments in the field of knowledge and intellectual capital measurement into a single comprehensive source.

  • Measuring Knowledge and Intellectual Capital, David J. Skyrme, Business Intelligence (2003). pp.512. Hard-copy and PDF versions available.

For details, table of contents and pricing see full description


Knowledge Networking: Building the Collaborative Enterprise

"One of the best collations of examples of knowledge management practice available in one place ... " (David Snowden)

Capitalizing on Knowledge: From e-business to k-business

"Capitalizing on Knowledge is a most impressive coverage, with illustrative and practical references, on an emerging very important value space - creation and growth of knowledge business..." (Leif Edvinsson)

Top Sellers 

More popular than ever - and just updated - this 50 question assessment helps you gauge the effectiveness of your KM activities. Use as a year-on-year benchmark.
US$15, UK£7, Euro:10

Best Practices in Best Practices
Recently ousted from top spot, this ever popular K-Guide has practical tips and case studies.
US$15, UK£7, Euro:10

Developing a KM Strategy
Another popular K-Guide with practical tips on how to develop a successful KM strategy.
US$15, UK£7, Euro:10

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