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There are separate pages giving answers to FAQs for knowledge specialists, general managers, policy makers, consultants and researchers / students.

FAQs - Researchers & Students

I Am Doing a Research Project. Can You Help Me?

We get many requests for assistance, but our resources are such that, in general, we cannot answer each request individually, nor answer questionnaires (though we do make exceptions). However, if you email us, we have a standard replies for business and student researchers that are kept updated. Based on extensive experience of evaluating and supervising research projects, the two main problems we continually encounter are 1) lack of focus and 2) poor methodology. For the former, you must define your unit of analysis (e.g. organization, team), your sample set (how representative or distinctive it is) and your primary hypothesis or research question(s) and narrow your focus to something manageable. For guidance on the latter we wholeheartedly recommend Business Research Projects, A.D.Jankovicz, Chapman & Hall.

Where can I Find Research Results on Knowledge Management?

Unfortunately, many of the projects are student projects that do not get wide publication. Sometimes, research gets published in working papers or magazines and journals. However, if you have some rigorously developed new and interesting findings we shall be pleased to give a window for them on this web site, or a link to your web site. Also check out BRINT on Knowledge Management, which has a specific focus on business researchers interests.

Can You Give me Some Contacts for Case Studies?

Know-who is one of our vital knowledge resources, and we give out names of individual contacts only in very special circumstances, and to tightly defined specifications. Part of the art of research is to develop your network to find new and interesting cases, other than those that have been reported again and again.

If we have not addressed your specific question in the above sections, please put your question in the FAQ feedback form. We will regularly review and modify these FAQs where necessary, based on the number and type of questions received.

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